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We are still searching for the right galleries to show this exhibition, read more in The Exhibition.

A photography of the original paintig "square 8 mixed media on paper"from Maria Rauch made in 2009.

Carla Rauch chose this Series of abstract painting for her upcoming collection.

elina bild.jpg

Autum 2009 the deveolpment of the fabric design stardet. The Logo of "carlarauch" evolved. Kamala Eagloton heard about this project and had the idea of the name "La matrice".


We got the fabric. This one is Elena and a Picture and one of the orinal paintings printed on beige. The fabic is Tencel Popeline. The fabric is a Tencel Popeline.

Our team expanded. We are now a full team of 5 people in the fashion production department. And a Jewelry Designer from Vienna will

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