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La matrice

The Group Exhibition will Showcase


Paintings and

Pattern Design


Fashion Design & Production




Jewelry Design

Based on a series of abstract paintings on paper from 2009, Maria Rauch created pattern designs "La matrice". Carla Rauch chose this series of paintings.

The pattern design will be printed on fabric, in this way a collection developes, designed and produced by Carla Rauch with a team of designers: Monika Niederlechner, Oliver Huber, Alexandra Werner and Bernhard Stegbauer

Fashion photography made by Lea Sophia Mair. 

Paul Pichler, goldsmith and jewelry designer, will contribute his artwork to the project.

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Anker 2

The Concept

La matrice, la madre where everything is born and evolves from. The idea of la matrice is what constitutes the origin. The primary inspiring element, the mother, becomes the new element of creation. The matrix, which is dna as well is inside us, and we transform it to art.


Carla Rauch started the project "La matrice" in autumn 2019. Maria Rauch, the mother of Carla, is an artist. Inspired by her 2009 painting series, Carla had the idea to use the paintings as a fabric design for a collection. As the project evolved the team expanded with Monika Niederlechner, Oliver Huber, Alexandra Werner und Bernhard Stegbauer in the fashion design & production team and Paul Picher as a goldsmith and jewelry designer.

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The Exhibition

Find out about the travelling group exhibition

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